I have photographed about 200 weddings since my start ten years ago. I was born and raised on the Central Coast,  I currently reside in Los Angeles, and I work all over California (and beyond, if you'll have me!)

I come from a long line of meticulous documenters--my approach has been informed by the hours I've spent sifting through photos and video of my extended family, much of it from a time before I was born. I use a mixture of digital and film cameras--from top-of-the-line digital professional bodies, to film cameras that have been in my family for generations and the disposable camera always in my pocket. I strive to create a wedding gallery for you that is full of images that feel familiar, warm, a bit messy, and--above all--true

 If I am not photographing a wedding, I can likely be found on a weekend trip with my partner Jordyn, at home cooking and listening to political podcasts,  planning a party with my best friends, or teaching photography to teenage girls at  las fotos project. 

contact me: kenzie@kenziekatephoto.com

photo instagram: @kenziekatephoto

my personal instagram account: @millennialpinkfloyd

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