wedding photo-maker and truth-teller; based in los angeles and available world-wide. my work is contextual and photojournalistic in approach, and my hope is that it is nothing but true. 

art and story are two of the only things that have ever made sense to me. i'm a firm believer in honesty, art, human connection, love, justice, and going with your gut. i'm very into shadowy walls, bouganvillea, whiskey sours, hospitality, feeling big human feelings, reading lots of books and eating lots of ramen. if i am not photographing a wedding, i can likely be found on a weekend trip with my girlfriend, at home listening to political podcasts,  planning a party with my best friends, or volunteering at inner city arts or las fotos project.

the quickest way to get acquainted with my work would be to peruse my blog. i update it regularly, and have shared every wedding i have ever photographed (over the last 8 years) there.

if my photos resonate or connect with you in any way-- if they make you feel things, please send me a note and i would love to chat more about photographing and collaborating with you to create art that lasts generations!

i only have a handful of dates left for 2019, so reach out soon!

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